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Antwerpen, a precious and gleaming city

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Getting there You can get to Antwerp from Brugge, Lille and Rotterdam. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:02 $50
From Amsterdam 01:12 $50
From Bruxelles 00:35 $18
From Brugge 01:18 $36
From Lille 01:21 $44
From Rotterdam 00:32 $50
From Liege 02:10 $39
From Oostende 01:34 $41
From Hasselt 01:08 $29
From Gent 00:50 $25
From Roosendaal 00:30 $11

Getting around From Antwerp, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Roosendaal 00:49 $11
To Dordrecht 00:58 $57
To Leuven 01:00 $18
To Hasselt 01:08 $29
To Bruxelles 01:20 $18
To Gent 01:35 $25
To Oostende 01:45 $41
To Rotterdam 02:03 $28
To Liege 02:14 $39
To Brugge 02:21 $36
To Eindhoven 02:54 $38
To Amsterdam 03:12 $45
To Lille 03:19 $71
To Paris 05:05 $62

While you're there

Antwerpen, a precious and gleaming city !

Stylish and confident, the appeal of Belgium’s second city extends far beyond its gritty dockland heritage. Modern Antwerpen combines the glittery appeal of diamonds and high fashion with a medieval Old Town and a vibrant nightlife scene, proving that it is anything but boring.

If you like diamonds, Antwerpen will make you discover the diamond cutters’ district. You should also visit the museum of the sacrosanct little gleaming stone. Built between the 14th and the 16th century, the cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and its belfry is a Unesco listed monument.

Wow in front of the amazing facade of the Town Hall. This 16th century building is a incredible witness of the northern renaissance style.

And while you are here, admire the Brabo’s fountain. Wander around this old Grand-place area, laze in a terrace tasting a belgian beer, and find all the souvenir shops you are looking for. If you are with your kids, they will enjoy the eldest european zoo in the city centre (more than 5.000 animals!). Art lovers do not miss the Royal Fine Arts museum. Easily reached by train, you should also experience a tour of the city by boat, a nice and orignal way to explore Antwerpen.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Antwerp can be found.


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  • "Trip to Belgium"    
    We had never taken the Thalys train before. I would absolutely do it again. It was clean and comfortable. The service was excellent. The train is quiet and smooth. We had a great time.  
  • "Good and easy trip "    
    Great comfort, stylish train. Easy to understand for a non-European traveler (who speaks English and understands Dutch and Flemish)  
  • "Great in every respect"    
    We were very pleased with this trip. The train left and arrived on time and it was a great way to travel.  
  • "Better than flying"    
    Smooth,comfortable journey,train left and arrived exactly when it was supposed to.  
  • "Good"    
    The trains are on time. Use the code on the ticket can pass the gate of Rotterdam.  
  • "excellent"    
    Not only was the comfort and convenience of the trip that made it worthwhile, I even discovered speculoos at breakfast!  
  • "Lyon to Mulhouse"    
    Great and comfortable  
  • "Nice One"    
    The train is so clean and comfort. There is also a mini restaurant on the train for us in the second class to buy some food and drinks.  
  • "Fantastic"    
    I enjoyed so much the first class of Thalys. A very comfort train, the seat is nice, free wi-fi, electricity, and a large place to put our suitcases (I brought 2) right above so we can control the belongings any time. We also served by a beautiful crew with a high hospitality. Ups, almost forget, there was a very nice meals reserved already for lunch. Fantastic.  
  • "ok but..."    
    nowadays is quite ridiculous do not have free wi fi for every class ticket.  
  • "Well worth it"    
    I travelled first class and had a wonderful lunch wine, and a comfortable set and pleasant surroundings. (Antwerp to Paris)  
  • "space for luggage"    
    space for luggage is not quite enough  
  • "travel from Antwerpen to Paris"    
    the train journey was a very pleasant experience. I will definitely consider this form of travel on my next trip overseas  
  • "Aussie traveller"    
    Having travelled on the Thalys before I knew what to expect. Overall comfort and convenience was very good value. When booking however I only had limited choice of available tickets and had to purchase a more expensive fare than anticipated. I was able to use wifi on board but would have liked advice to set up account before actual travel. The code alone was not enough to access wifi and I needed to set up account first. Not being aware of this I wasted half the time setting up account and gaining access. This could be a good tip for future travellers.  
  • "Business travel made easy"    
    Very comfortable, access to the internet, and very helpful staff on board made it a very good journey. It is far better than air travel.  
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