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Bari, the capital of the Italian region of Puglia

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Getting there You can get to Bari from Bologna, Ancona and Caserta. Best price and travel duration below.

From Roma 03:58 $71
From Venezia 07:21 $148
From Milano 07:43 $108
From Bologna 05:36 $84
From Ancona 03:49 $72
From Caserta 02:45 $52
From Rimini It 04:42 $74
From Pescara 02:38 $52
From Foggia 00:58 $26
From Brindisi 00:56 $24
From Taranto 01:14 $17
From Lecce 01:20 $29
From Benevento 02:08 $41
From Monopoli 00:27 $14

Getting around From Bari, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Monopoli 00:30 $14
To Taranto 01:18 $17
To Foggia 01:29 $26
To Lecce 02:34 $29
To Benevento 02:50 $41
To Pescara 03:30 $52
To Caserta 03:51 $52
To Ancona 04:54 $62
To Rimini It 05:49 $74
To Roma 06:15 $79
To Bologna 07:06 $84
To Venezia 07:31 $148
To Milano 10:21 $108

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Bari, the capital of the Italian region of Puglia

Bari is one of the most important cities in Italy. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Italian peninsula. Bari is an important port city on the Adriatic coast.

Though Bari is an important city, it is not a major tourist destination. If you like visiting authentic places, then you’ll probably enjoy your stay in Bari. You will find people who live communally, sometime with doors opens. Visit the picturesque Old Town, the eleventh-century Romanesque Basilica di San Nicola, the Castello Svevo castle and the Porto Vecchio. Have a relaxing moment in one of the public squares including Piazza del Ferrarese and Piazza Mercantile.

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