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Lille, the gateway to Northern France

About France

Getting there You can get to Lille from Brussels, Paris CDG Airport and Avignon. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 00:59 $24
From London 01:22 $83
From Nice 07:30 $209
From Brussels 00:35 $31
From Paris Cdg Airport 00:49 $24
From Avignon 04:06 $65
From Lyon 02:57 $57
From Marseille 04:43 $80
From Bordeaux 05:05 $71
From Montpellier 04:52 $65
From Dijon 02:44 $68
From Rennes 03:59 $41
From Antwerp 01:19 $67
From Aix En Provence Tgv 04:27 $80
From Strasbourg 03:42 $63
From Rouen 02:41 $57
From Calais 00:28 $28
From Angers 03:29 $41
From Poitiers 03:12 $60
From Narbonne 06:01 $193
From Laval 03:30 $107
From Valence 03:37 $65
From Les Arcs 06:18 $209
From St Raphael 06:34 $209
From St Pierre Des Corps 02:27 $55
From Louvigny 02:25 $114
From Le Mans 02:34 $41
From Antibes 07:11 $209
From Cannes 06:59 $239
From Charleville 02:45 $47
From Brive 06:01 $164
From Toulon 05:42 $209
From Nimes 04:28 $65
From Saint-malo 05:41 $133
From Limoges 04:59 $149
From Vannes 05:22 $148
From Le Creusot Mo Tgv 02:23 $109
From La Souterraine 04:28 $143
From Lorient 05:58 $133
From Angouleme 04:02 $65
From Nantes 04:07 $41
From Beziers 05:43 $161
From Perpignan 06:37 $161
From Auray 05:35 $148
From Massy 01:32 $24
From Tgv Haute Picardie 00:26 $21
From Comines France 00:25 $15
From Henin Beaumont 00:21 $15
From Rosult 00:28 $15
From Valenciennes 00:28 $15
From Hazebrouck 00:30 $15
From Dunkerque 00:30 $23
From Lens 00:29 $15
From Bailleul 00:21 $15
From Arras 00:21 $15
From Armentieres 00:13 $15
From Perenchies 00:10 $15
From Roubaix 00:09 $15
From Tourcoing 00:14 $15
From Douai 00:19 $15
From Tournai 00:20 $15
From Mouscron 00:20 $15
From Kortrijk 00:30 $15
From Bethune 00:35 $15
From Ebbsfleet International 01:11 $83
From St Pol Ternoise 01:07 $21
From Cambrai 01:07 $18
From Etaples 01:19 $36
From Amiens 01:20 $34
From St Quentin 01:49 $31
From Champagne-ardenne 01:46 $80
From Lesquin 00:07 $15
From Marne La Vallee 01:03 $24
From Maubeuge 01:01 $26
From Aulnoye 00:51 $23
From St Omer 00:46 $19
From Cassel 00:39 $16
From Ashford 00:56 $83
From Bergues 00:56 $23
From Albert 00:57 $26
From Boulogne 00:56 $34
From Montbard 02:09 $120

Getting around From Lille, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Lesquin 00:09 $15
To Roubaix 00:14 $15
To Perenchies 00:14 $15
To Armentieres 00:21 $15
To Mouscron 00:26 $15
To Henin Beaumont 00:32 $15
To Comines France 00:33 $15
To Bailleul 00:33 $15
To Tournai 00:35 $15
To Rosult 00:35 $15
To Kortrijk 00:36 $15
To Douai 00:43 $15
To Hazebrouck 00:47 $15
To Cassel 00:51 $16
To Lens 00:53 $15
To Ashford 00:59 $83
To Tgv Haute Picardie 01:02 $21
To Ebbsfleet International 01:15 $83
To Paris 01:18 $24
To Arras 01:28 $15
To London 01:35 $83
To Paris Cdg Airport 01:38 $24
To Marne La Vallee 01:53 $24
To Bethune 01:54 $15
To Charleroi 02:02 $36
To Montbard 02:05 $84
To Mons 02:11 $24
To Lokeren 02:30 $32
To Valenciennes 02:50 $15
To Ghent 03:11 $24
To St Omer 03:11 $19
To Cambrai 03:27 $16
To Albert 03:32 $23
To Liege 03:32 $54
To St Pol Ternoise 03:38 $21
To Sint Niklaas 03:39 $36
To Corbie 03:41 $24
To Calais 03:41 $26
To Amiens 03:51 $28
To Maubeuge 03:53 $26
To Champagne-ardenne 03:56 $57
To Brussels 03:57 $31
To Le Creusot Mo Tgv 04:00 $60
To St Pierre Des Corps 04:00 $55
To Dunkerque 04:02 $19
To Aulnoye 04:03 $23
To Ostend 04:08 $34
To Antwerp 04:08 $41
To Boulogne 04:11 $28
To Brugge 04:14 $28
To Lyon 04:19 $41
To St Quentin 04:21 $31
To La Souterraine 04:24 $180
To Louvigny 04:28 $93
To Rouen 04:44 $57
To Le Mans 04:47 $41
To Angers 04:56 $49
To Valence 05:12 $83
To Rennes 05:14 $41
To Laval 05:14 $54
To Lyon St Exupery Airport 05:20 $135
To Poitiers 05:22 $57
To Chateauroux 05:32 $65
To Nimes 05:37 $96
To Strasbourg 05:42 $73
To Dijon 05:49 $32
To Angouleme 05:51 $65
To Grenoble 05:56 $114
To Besançon 06:02 $110
To Montpellier 06:05 $73
To Nantes 06:11 $49
To Aix En Provence Tgv 06:18 $73
To Avignon 06:49 $96
To Bordeaux 06:56 $71
To Mulhouse 07:01 $120
To Saint-malo 07:05 $153
To Limoges 07:06 $107
To Redon 07:31 $115
To Beziers 07:38 $117
To Vannes 08:05 $94
To Brive 08:07 $128
To Marseille 08:10 $96
To Libourne 08:15 $143
To Auray 08:18 $94
To Lorient 08:38 $94
To Quimperle 08:46 $133
To Agen 09:09 $149
To Toulouse 11:32 $97
To Toulon 11:33 $97
To Narbonne 11:56 $94
To Perpignan 12:58 $123
To Les Arcs 13:10 $161
To St Raphael 13:30 $174
To Antibes 13:37 $240
To Cannes 13:54 $141
To Bayonne 14:27 $130
To Nice 14:35 $120
To Biarritz 14:39 $133
To Hendaye 15:04 $117

While you're there

Lille, the gateway to Northern France

Lille is an artistic and historic city located in Northern France. It is France’s 4th largest metropolitan area with about 1.1 million inhabitants and about 100,000 students. In 2004, it was designated as the European Capital of Culture. Lille is at the crossroad of international railway network of Europe with easy access to Belgium and the UK. The city has a long-standing festive tradition. The famous Braderie in September is the main event for all shopping addicts. Lille is also regarded as the European capital of online retail with main brands such as La Redoute, Les 3 Suisses, Camaïeu, Castorama and Décathlon having stores in the city.

Start by visiting the Vieux Lille (old town), which is the most picturesque district of the city. It extends north from the Grand Place and included two different areas, each with distinctive architecture: the historic Flemish old town and the royal district. Between the Grand Place and the Notre-Dame de la Treille cathedral, the historic Flemish old town is home to various shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants. Some of the landmarks which are not to be missed include the Palais Rihour, the only architectural reminder of the period during which the dukes of Burgundy ruled Lille and the Rue Rihour which is located between the Place Rihour and the Grand Place. Rue Rihour will allow you to follow the evolution in Lille’s architecture. Don’t miss the Grand Place, which has been renamed Place du Général de Gaulle, in tribute to Charles de Gaulle who was born in Lille in 1890. The Grand Place is the habitual meeting place and venue for festivities. At the slightest hint of sunshine, the restaurant and café terraces are literally taken by storm. Have a look at the Vieille Bourse (old stock exchange), one of the finest monument in the city.

Have a taste of local cuisines such as carbonnade flamande (small chunks of beef stewed in beer), waterzoï (poultry or fish in a creamy sauce) and potjevleesch (small potted meat). Don’t miss the famous Maroilles cheese.

The main event for shopping is in September during the famous Braderie de Lille. The Braderie turns the city into a huge pedestrian zone where thousands of traders, antique dealers and second-hand sellers continue a tradition which is both commercial and festive! Equally the shops offers interesting deals for all shopping addicts.

Office de tourisme de Lille
Place Rihour, 59002 Lille.
Tel: +33 (0)3 59 57 94 00

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Lille can be found.

Lille railway station(s)

Lille Europe Train Station

Lille Europe Train Station

Address: 1, Place François Mitterand 59777 Lille

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5:20am to 12:15am
Saturday and Sunday: 5:20am to 12:15am
Public holidays: 5:20am to 12:15am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV, Eurostar), Regional trains (TER)
Information Point, Tourist Office, Assistance for disabled persons, Wheelchairs and boarding ramps, Lost and found, Banks and currency exchange, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, Photo Booths, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Lille Flandres Train Station

Lille Flandres Train Station

Address: Place des Buisses 59000 Lille

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 5am to 12:30am
Sunday: 6am to 12:30am
Public holidays: 6am to 12:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Intercity trains, Regional trains (TER)
Tourist Office, Disabled Facilities, Assistance for disabled, Wheelchairs and boarding ramps, Lost and found, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, Bank & Currency Exchange, ATM and Phone cabins.

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    It was an enjoyable trip from France to Belgium !!!  
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    I find it very convenient to book the tickets online and then just hop on the correct train and you will find yourself on track to where ever your destination is...  
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    Living in Switzerland we had to realize that we can only get paper tickets, which were delivered by DHL. This is inconvenient as it is a rather slow process, which was in addition delayed due to an issues with the delivery adress. We would appreciate to be able to download the tickets. Beside this issue, we really appreciated the good connectivity through the Paris CDG Airport Train Station.  
  • "Convenience of Using the Train"    
    This train ride was fast, smooth, convenient, comfortable, efficient and safe. I would take the TGV again during my next trip.  
  • "CDG Apto St Pancras London"    
    The transit to London had to wait at the airport and the Immigration clearance into UK was done twice one entry, check on exit of Lille, and one on entry at St Pancras. Wonder why twice and duplication. At the check point atthe clearing point I inadvertently left my back pack at Lille and by the time I realised the train is already moving. The good thing was the Train Manager paged for me and informed me the bag in safe keeping at Lille airport. I had some cash and my Ipad and all intact. The bad thing was, the Train Manager promised it can be couriered to my apartment address in London and it somehow it never happened. I checked with Eurostar, St Pancras,and they mentioned that would not happen but if it is from Belgium ok! Looks like the working coop with Belgium is better then the French rail!? I had to buy a new ticket and travel to Lille and return on the same day to collect the bag. Compliments, all the content was intact and highly appreciated the Lost property staff for their honesty..  
  • "CDG Ap to St Pancras London"    
    The last time I took had to go to the city train station to join the train from the CDG airport. Now it's great that the train starts at the airport itself, just have to take the airport terminal shuttle.  
  • "A trip to Lille"    
    I travelled to Lille in 1st class. I thought that if I pay some extra, I really would enjoy myself after a long flight to Paris. At the train station of CDG finding the track was easy, but when I arrived there I was confused because the train said >. I asked the conductor wether this was the right train to Lille or not, and he told me to hop in. I arrived to my place and somebody was sitting there. I asked politely him to move and he respnded me that >. After a short negotiation he agreed to move away from my place. The car was quiet which is positive. However there was not any particularly great space for feet or neither was the seat very comfortable, which I highly demand for a 1st class trip nor was there any WiFi available. Why does anybody charge extra if nothing is that great? I have travelled before in 2nd class so I know the difference now. Never again I'm going to pay for the 1st class ticket. Best regards, Erno Ristola  
  • "A bit crowded yet convenient."    
    Its a bit crowded, and the entrance design is not user-friendly enough for bulky luggage travelers. yet, it is convenient to reach CDG airport within an hour.  
  • "On time eurostar"    
    Cleanliness is fine, the environment is comfortable and quiet.  
  • "Slow and shaking"    
    The train was slow and shaking the whole time. There wasn't a lot of room for larger luggages either.  
  • "English announcement"    
    The English announcement was very difficult to understand. If it wasn't for fellow English traveller, we would have missed the stop to get off.  
  • "Lille to CDG Paris"    
    We found your on-line booking system worked perfectly. The train left and arrived on time, the journey was smooth and very comfortable and overall we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  
  • "Comfort and speed"    
    This was my first experience of travelling in Eurpoe by train and it is something I would happily do again.  
  • "Questions answered"    
    Very helpful train staff  
  • "train was delayed"    
    Train from Lille to London was supposed to leave at around three forty/ The train was delayed at the dock and at the tunnel entrance. We were sitting in the train at the dock about forty five minutes/ we got to London more then an hour late.  
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