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Marne la Vallée, a lot of fun, close to the french capital You will find Marne la Vallée in the eastern part of the Ile de France Region, near Paris, the french capital. Marne la Vallée is world-famous for housing the well known touristic attraction Disneyland Resort (...)

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Getting there You can get to Marne La Vallee from Aeroport c de gaulle, Avignon and Lyon. Best price and travel duration below.

From London 02:43 $228
From Nice 06:23 $181
From Bruxelles 01:30 $43
From Aeroport C De Gaulle 00:09 $30
From Avignon 02:56 $64
From Lyon 01:48 $52
From Marseille 03:34 $64
From Bordeaux 04:03 $64
From Montpellier 03:43 $64
From Dijon 01:36 $46
From Lille 01:04 $26
From Rennes 02:49 $34
From Aix En Provence Tgv 03:18 $64
From Strasbourg 02:24 $52
From Massy 00:30 $30
From Vannes 04:11 $120
From Limoges 03:46 $122
From Haute Picardie Tgv 00:41 $26
From Arras 00:58 $26
From Toulon 04:35 $175
From Lorient 04:47 $117
From Cannes 05:52 $181
From Champagne-ardenne 00:28 $44
From Perpignan 05:28 $193
From St Raphael 05:27 $181
From Brive La Gaillarde 04:48 $126
From Nimes 03:19 $64
From Montbard 01:01 $64
From Laval 02:19 $79
From Ebbsfleet International 02:23 $228
From Angers 02:18 $34
From Poitiers 02:10 $74
From Futuroscope 02:04 $60
From St Pierre Des Corps 01:25 $34
From Valence 02:28 $58
From Nantes 02:56 $34
From Angouleme 03:00 $69
From Le Creusot Mo Tgv 01:11 $52
From Lorraine Tgv 01:11 $64
From Le Mans 01:24 $34
From Ashford 01:59 $189

Getting around From Marne La Vallee, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Aeroport C De Gaulle 00:11 $30
To Champagne-ardenne 00:29 $44
To Massy 00:33 $30
To Montbard 00:54 $46
To Haute Picardie Tgv 01:04 $32
To Le Creusot Mo Tgv 01:09 $77
To Arras 01:10 $26
To Lorraine Tgv 01:15 $64
To St Pierre Des Corps 01:27 $48
To Le Mans 01:30 $34
To Dijon 01:31 $26
To Lille 01:59 $26
To Futuroscope 02:02 $122
To Lyon 02:07 $43
To Poitiers 02:08 $74
To Ashford 02:14 $112
To Dole 02:34 $63
To Ebbsfleet International 02:35 $112
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 02:47 $161
To London 02:55 $112
To Angouleme 02:59 $69
To Rennes 03:00 $34
To Valence 03:23 $69
To Limoges 03:39 $115
To Bruxelles 03:49 $43
To Bordeaux 04:04 $79
To Laval 04:18 $57
To Strasbourg 04:28 $57
To Angers 04:38 $43
To Brive La Gaillarde 04:43 $126
To Aix En Provence Tgv 04:50 $52
To Avignon 05:04 $52
To Nantes 05:08 $43
To Montpellier 05:42 $69
To Moutiers-salins 06:13 $120
To Marseille 06:21 $52
To Vannes 06:28 $74
To Lorient 07:01 $81
To Perpignan 07:44 $114
To Toulon 08:17 $90
To St Raphael 09:06 $222
To Cannes 09:30 $153
To Nice 10:05 $126

While you're there

Marne la Vallée, a lot of fun, close to the french capital

You will find Marne la Vallée in the eastern part of the Ile de France Region, near Paris, the french capital. Marne la Vallée is world-famous for housing the well known touristic attraction Disneyland Resort Paris.

While you are in Marne la Vallée and beyond the Disneyland Resort Paris, go to explore the vicinity. There is so much to see around that you will be spoiled for choice.

Head Barbizon known to be the impressionist painter’s village where you can have pleasant walk in a beautiful landscape. If you prefer to visit castles, go to Fontainebleau royal Chateau or to the Vaux-le-Vicomte’s one.

You can reach Paris thanks to the RER (regional train) network that also brings you to La Vallée Village and all its fashion shops.

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Customer reviews

  • "Outstanding"    
    The staff were friendly and they were supportive  
  • "Good trip"    
    It was a very good trip especially considering the speedy to join Marne la valle (Disneyland) from the airport  
  • "long but good"    
    we booked this train to get to disney land from nice. the value was very attractive for the 4 of us. also the connectivity was excellent as we did not have to change the train as this was a direct connection. a little too long for my kids, 6hrs to be exact but then we had a good time with them experiencing the train journey this long for the 1st time.  
  • "VERY NICE"    
  • "Comfortable Journey"    
    Very comfortable journey but the waiting time of trains at the station is less. So, people with lot of luggage should very plan and take into consideration the same.  
  • "Impressed"    
    First time on a TGV train and have to say what a great experience. Very smooth, comfortable and fast.  
  • "My family eurostar experience"    
    It was very convenient to go to Disneyland. However, during the online booking process we were unable to choose our seats and, so were put separately despite the booking information saying two adults and two children.  
  • "Experience with TGV"    
    It was a really a wonderful experience and most importantly the convenience of travelling with the family. Quality of the train and comfort was very good. One suggestion is for TVG to have tourist help desk in railway station or alternatively, have sufficient information posted in prominent places in the railway station. There were two sign boards with different colors on the railway station and only one (blue screen) was applicable for our travel with no clue on type of information displayed there as it was in French.  
  • "Great Trip"    
    Family of five adults travelled to Brussels in comparative luxury, clean and comfortable.  
  • "Thank you"    
    This is my first TGV ride. At first I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the station. Fortunately there were several signs that directed me to the correct platform as well as kind hearted Frenchmen and ladies that offered to provide me with directions. It was definitely a pleasant experience. Thank you very much.  
  • "Eurostar Travel"    
    Very comfortable and enjoyable. Food was great.  
  • "Trip to Bordeaux"    
    I thought I would have wi-fi in First class, just like they do in airplanes in the US but it wasn't available.  
  • "Not enough luggage space!"    
    The train might be too full. There was not enough luggage space and several luggages were left idle in the entrance area of the cabin (some were even from the passengers of the upper deck). As we cannot put our luggage in a safe place, we have no choice but give up our seats, and look after the luggages near the door. The toilet was smelly, maybe overused after a long journey from Marseille. More luggage space is needed for a train line passing by CDG airport. A notice of which door will be opened is also helpful as we found that people were forced to remove the luggages in CDG station, just because the door opened in another side which they do not expect.  
  • "TGV "    
  • "more organisation in time-tabl"    
    it was very expensive for a last minute booking.not enough time to find your wagon and seat that the train is leaving as it`s not easy to walk in the corridors with suitcases to reach your seat.more time should be allocated as it is in other stations.finally you are not relaxed at all  
  • 0 15