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Montpellier, a vibrant city

About France

Getting there You can get to Montpellier from Brussels, Paris CDG Airport and Avignon. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:19 $41
From Nice 04:30 $32
From Barcelona 02:55 $76
From Brussels 05:33 $145
From Paris Cdg Airport 03:52 $65
From Avignon 00:48 $21
From Geneva 03:46 $89
From Lyon 01:43 $32
From Marseille 01:24 $24
From Bordeaux 04:05 $32
From Toulouse 02:08 $24
From Dijon 03:35 $49
From Lille 04:48 $96
From Rennes 06:29 $133
From Strasbourg 05:46 $67
From Mulhouse 04:57 $62
From Colmar 09:41 $112
From St Raphael 03:33 $63
From Agen 03:16 $36
From Chalon Sur Saone 02:59 $128
From Bellegarde 03:15 $76
From Angers 05:49 $125
From Marne La Vallee 03:39 $65
From Cannes 03:58 $24
From Antibes 04:10 $24
From Marmande 03:53 $60
From Culmont Chalindre 06:35 $68
From Metz 06:47 $123
From Nantes 06:27 $136
From Macon 02:37 $81
From Arles 00:51 $19
From Narbonne 00:50 $23
From Valence 01:10 $24
From Lezignan 01:18 $32
From Leucate La Franqui 01:23 $36
From Vias 00:44 $16
From Tarascon Sur Rhon 00:44 $23
From Nimes 00:23 $15
From Agde 00:32 $15
From Marseillan-plage 00:34 $15
From Beziers 00:37 $18
From Carcassonne 01:24 $32
From Perpignan 01:27 $28
From Banyuls Sur Mer 02:22 $32
From Cerbere 02:29 $32
From Sete 00:15 $15
From Montauban 02:38 $34
From Collioure 02:12 $31
From Argeles Sur Mer 02:06 $31
From Rivesaltes 01:39 $41
From Toulon 02:39 $39
From Castelnaudary 02:00 $49
From Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 01:35 $42
From Lyon St Exupery Airport 01:54 $102

Getting around From Montpellier, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Sete 00:25 $15
To Agde 00:43 $15
To Nimes 00:44 $15
To Vias 00:46 $16
To Tarascon Sur Rhon 01:29 $19
To Perpignan 02:43 $28
To Arles 02:52 $19
To Aix En Provence Tgv 03:06 $24
To Valence 03:13 $24
To Collioure 03:28 $31
To Argeles Sur Mer 03:34 $31
To Lezignan 03:38 $24
To Barcelona 03:41 $63
To Castelnaudary 04:01 $39
To Leucate La Franqui 04:02 $29
To Avignon 04:03 $23
To Chalon Sur Saone 04:08 $62
To Cerbere 04:13 $32
To Rivesaltes 04:18 $32
To Girona 04:31 $58
To Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 04:37 $42
To Marseille 04:41 $24
To Bellegarde 04:46 $32
To Lyon 04:51 $32
To Macon 05:00 $60
To Montauban 05:06 $34
To Port Bou Fr(lo) 05:12 $42
To Marne La Vallee 05:20 $60
To Toulon 05:28 $24
To Dijon 05:29 $32
To Paris 05:31 $41
To Paris Cdg Airport 05:34 $49
To Saumur 05:36 $211
To Culmont Chalindre 05:40 $107
To Agen 05:43 $41
To Lille 05:46 $65
To Marmande 05:51 $96
To Beziers 05:54 $18
To St Raphael 05:59 $49
To Narbonne 06:09 $23
To Cannes 06:25 $24
To Geneva 06:36 $80
To Antibes 06:37 $50
To Carcassonne 06:42 $29
To Benicassim 06:45 $138
To Brussels 07:00 $96
To Nice 07:02 $32
To Rennes 07:10 $60
To La Rochelle 07:23 $145
To Toulouse 07:32 $24
To Valencia 09:09 $141
To Angers 09:35 $106
To Bordeaux 09:50 $32
To Alicante 10:01 $161
To Nantes 10:18 $154
To Luxembourg 10:35 $70
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 10:55 $50
To Belfort 10:55 $50
To Mulhouse 11:40 $32
To Colmar 12:18 $91
To Metz 12:43 $58
To Strasbourg 13:08 $32

While you're there

Montpellier, a pioneer of ecological urbanism

Montpellier is one of the most important cities of France in terms of population. It is located in southern France, in the very heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and about 12 kilometres away from the Mediterranean Sea. Montpellier is a fast expanding city, and it is one of best places to experience the art de vivre of the southern region of France. This makes Montpellier an ideal holiday destination as well as a renowned student city.

Montpellier is a pilot city for ecological urbanism in France. Discover its wide pedestrian area and blue decorated tramways. You’ll be amazed to learn that its trams are designed by artists including Garouste, Bonetti and Christian Lacroix. Montpellier can also be visited by using the bike along the brand new bike path that follows the Lez River. The bike is also great to visit vineyards or to go to the beach.

From a stroll in the old town, discover the lively squares of Place de la Comédie to admire the Trois Grâces fountain and the Opéra-Comédie, built by the architect Garnier. On the Place Saint-Roch, is the 19th century church. Afterward go to the picturesque district of Sainte-Anne. From there, go to the Musée Fabre where contemporary spaces sit comfortably alongside ancient buildings. Visit the new areas of Montpellier to see modern designs. Walking in the city with an eye on the numerous buildings designed by Christian de Portzamparc, Jean Nouvel or Zaha Hadid, you will also discover the neoclassical Antigone district conceived by the Catalonian architect Bofill. Take the tramway to the Port Marianne area to discover the City Hall and the design centre. End your stay by visiting the Castle of Flaugergues.

Take a break and lunch in Place du Marché aux fleurs by enjoying a fine cuisine on the terrace of Tamarillos.

Go to the Odysseum leisure zone or in the medieval street where everyone’s tastes will be satisfied.

Montpellier Tourist Office
30, allée Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, 34000 Montpellier.
Tel: +33 (0)4 67 60 60 60

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Montpellier can be found.

Montpellier railway station(s)

Montpellier Saint Roch Train Station

Montpellier Saint Roch Train Station

Address: Place Auguste Gibert BP51238 34011 Montpellier

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:45am to 12:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:45am to 12:30am
Public holidays: 4:45am to 12:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Intercity trains (Téoz), Night trains (Lunéa), Regional trains (TER)
SNCF rail agents, Facilities for disabled persons including wheelchairs and boarding ramps, Lost and found, British Transport Police, Tourist Information Point, Toilet, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet and Phone cabins.

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Customer reviews

  • "TGV travel"    
    I had a great trip on the TGV. It was faster than going by car - I left Paris at lunchtime and arrived in Montpellier 3 1/2 hours later with enough time to walk around the old city before it got dark. I sat on the upper level of the train and loved the views. The seat was comfortable with lots of leg room and I really liked the little garbage can between the two seats. I really recommend TGV travel!  
  • "Comfortable way to travel"    
    Train is a comfortable way of travelling in France. It's not the cheapest though, but the convenience of leaving from city centre and arriving to Montpellier city centre is definitely worthwhile. Also, I enjoyed the punctuality and the leg room on the seats.  
  • "Great"    
    Train was comfy , and reached distination in time, instructions in 3 languages, just hope they are said slower Thank you  
  • "1 class"    
    everything was as publicized. very comfortable  
  • "New Zealanders in France"    
    This was a delightful trip. My partner enjoyed the landscape all the way from her comfortable seat. Timing was perfect. I was impressed with the booking service also. I originally made a mistake which was accepted by the website and corrected. Thank you very much  
  • "Trip to Gevene and Montpellier"    
    It was wonderful experience of Life specially on time arrival and departure is amazing, the most interesting part train setup, the cafeteria, toilet facilities and ground staff. I was surprise when i asked for the help of locating a place TVG staff not only help me but guide me through computer printed map.  
  • "Trip review"    
    Firstly I noted an error: I traveled on 2013-08-27 and not on 2013-08-07 as written in your request for feedback. Now about the trip: 1. The train departure was delayed by 30 min. The passengers were provided with the explanation that this was due to a similar delay of a TGV arriving from Spain, which was supposed to be attached to the TGV Montpellier - Paris. This delay could have caused problems to me because I had to catch a plane from Paris CDG later on the same date, for which I had to travel from Gare de Lyon to the airport at rush hours. Fortunately I caught the plane. 2. The ticket was way too expensive when comparing with the price of the iDTGV by which I traveled on 23 August 2013 from Paris to Montpellier (approx 180%) in the same comfort and speed conditions. In the same respect the aggregate value of the tickets TGV plane (not a low cost one!) from Montpellier to my home country was greater than the airfare on the same route (but I could not book such a flight on that date). 3. Nevertheless the TGV in France is an excellent transport means, with a minus in terms of price.  
  • "Delays"    
    The actual train trip was fine. However, we noticed delays on our route the day before we travelled. Our train was first posted as being 10 minutes late, then 40 minutes, then an official went round saying that a train was coming and passengers should get their tickets stamped if it was not the train they had booked on, but it was not clear which train it was. Also, there was little information in English. There was rather a crush to get on the train, but after that we found our reserved seats and had no further problems.  
  • "To Sete"    
    A good way to get to Sete but, the food cart ran out before getting to us and the change of trains at Montpellier was not as easy as we expected. However that part of the trip was very short and we got in on time.  
  • "not so luxury"    
    we have travelled on some other TGV. this one was second class. The carriage - business - was old  
  • "Happy to recommend."    
    happy to recommend travelling by TGV train. No stress, clean and comfortable.  
  • "TGV ***** small limitations"    
    timeliness: fantastic, parted and arrived on schedule minute comfort: 1 class seats train noise: not perceptible but noisy family next to us (regroup differently?) GSM's are a curse toilet was inundated  
  • "paris metz"    
    everything ok just one suggestion for be able to selct an option for the seat. I have trouble travelling on the opposite way of the road. I would love to be able to fslect a seat which faces the road thanks  
  • "Not enough space for baggages "    
    Though in general the trip is fine, there is not enough space to place the baggages which is a serious handicap.  
  • "Great journey "    
    Very convinience though it was packed due to French National Day. It would be good if there is the SMS to alert where is the track no due to we have to wait for long time for the location.  
  • 0 15 30