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Getting there You can get to Toledo from Madrid. Best price and travel duration below.

From Madrid 00:33 $20

Getting around From Toledo, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Madrid 00:33 $20

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Toledo, a precious heritage under the spanish sun

Spain’s former capital Toledo sits majestically on a hilltop overlooking the plains of Castilla La Mancha. The River Tagus loops around its jumbled Old Town, whose crooked alleyways twist around churches, mosques and synagogues. Look down on the terracotta roofs from the hulking fortress.

Toledo’s patrimony is so impressive, that the city was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO already back in 1986. It still bears the marks of a multicultural History.

Due to its central situation on the map of Spain, Toledo was at the heart of the Reconquista, 1000 years ago. Come for Easter and get the chance to visit monasteries that are closed during the rest of the year. Discover more about traditionnal knives, blades and swords. Feast upon an incredible variety of local tapas.

Follow the tracks of Don Quixote, and then, let your eyes feed on the utmost beauty of a lively city named Toledo.

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Customer reviews

  • "signes"    
    It was not easy for us to find the right floor in whitch our train had to departure. No directing signes, no sines telling us that the station consists of two floors and no directing personal to ask questions. Thanks. Itamar  
  • "Day trip to Toledo"    
    Very comfortable dead on time and very fast. Excellent and simple with easy seat allocation. Recommend.  
  • "madrid-toledo"    
    excellent ride.  
  • "Smoothe ride from Toledo Madri"    
    Our trip could not have been better - left on time, clean carriage and amazing value for money. The only negative was from the moment of boarding the train to leaving it in Madrid, every Spanish traveller spoke on their mobile phones at the top of their voices in their seats. The noise levels of their conversations was so high. It spoilt the journey as it did not let up at any point and mobiles should be banned outright or have one carriage dedicated to people to use them in that one carriage.  
  • "See Toldo"    
    Modern, comfortable train. Prompt departure on schedule. Short (10 mins) walk from Toledo station into old town. A most enjoyable day trip from Madrid.  
  • "Toledo to Seville"    
    Efficient, fast and comfortable.  
  • "Excellent"    
    We enjoyed the smooth ride and cleanliness of the train  
  • "Bilbao - Leon"    
    The journey is not too long but it takes almost 5 hours as the train type is not very modern.  
  • "AVE Renfe Madrid-Toledo"    
    Brilliant service providing a quick, quiet, comfortable day trip , giving us plenty of time to see the sights of Toledo and be back in Madrid for evening meal.  
  • "highly recommend"    
    Fast and comfortable traveling