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Lifting the shroud in Piedmont

About Italy

Getting there You can get to Turin from Milan, Florence and Pisa. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 05:37 $57
From Rome 04:05 $89
From Venice 04:18 $91
From Milan 01:00 $42
From Florence 03:00 $106
From Pisa 03:53 $55
From Naples 05:25 $101
From Verona 03:18 $70
From Genoa 01:41 $31
From Bologna 02:22 $52
From La Spezia 03:01 $45
From Rimini It 04:21 $58
From Modane 01:23 $26
From St Jean De Maurienne 01:54 $42
From Ancona 05:14 $68
From Novi Ligure 01:14 $23
From Trieste 06:12 $112
From Civitavecchia 05:59 $83
From Alessandria 00:55 $18
From Macon 04:02 $47
From Rapallo 02:18 $34
From Asti 00:37 $15
From Sestri Levante 02:40 $39
From Modena 02:59 $52
From Chambery 02:36 $47
From Viareggio 03:37 $54
From Desenzano G Sirmi 02:58 $63
From Vicenza 03:45 $81
From Lyon St Exupery Airport 03:39 $47

Getting around From Turin, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Asti 00:39 $15
To Alessandria 01:02 $18
To Novi Ligure 01:11 $23
To Modane 01:37 $26
To Milan 01:44 $42
To St Jean De Maurienne 01:54 $58
To Genoa 02:00 $31
To Rapallo 02:31 $34
To Sestri Levante 02:32 $39
To Florence 02:55 $106
To Desenzano G Sirmi 02:56 $63
To Verona 03:22 $70
To Bologna 03:27 $52
To La Spezia 03:29 $45
To Parma 03:34 $49
To Viareggio 03:41 $54
To Vicenza 03:49 $81
To Lyon St Exupery Airport 03:50 $47
To Bourg En Bresse 03:55 $93
To Modena 04:04 $52
To Chambery 04:11 $47
To Macon 04:17 $47
To Pisa 04:21 $54
To Venice 04:30 $91
To Rimini It 04:36 $58
To Lyon 04:45 $96
To Aix Les Bains 04:59 $91
To Prato 05:33 $58
To Ancona 05:46 $68
To Paris 05:59 $47
To Trieste 06:33 $112
To Civitavecchia 07:03 $75
To Rome 09:52 $81
To Naples 12:13 $101
To Barcelona 13:01 $175

While you're there

Turin, an unforgettable experience

Wide streets and 17th-century buildings are surrounded by snow-capped mountains in Turin, dubbed the Capital of the Alps. This wealthy Italian city is a centre for industry, fashion and the arts, with a football-mad population who split their rabid loyalty between giants Juventus and Torino.

All along the Po river,it’s a delight to get lost in this magic metropolis while driving your local FIAT, and heading to the cathedral where the famous Shroud of Christ is now protected.

The heart of the city and its many porticoed streets is also the place where architecture covers many historical periods. From the Roman Palatine Towers, you can reach the Piazza Castello, and then follow some streets and arrive at the Mole Antonelliana, which used to be a synagogue. Since then it became the National Museum of Cinema, and is also the symbol of Turin.

And don’t forget to taste some Piedmontese chocolate.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Turin can be found.

Torino Porta Nuov

Address: Via Paolo Sacchi, 11 10125 Torino

Torino Porta Susa

Address: Corso Inghilterra, 25b 10138 Torino


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  • "very good"    
    i have been very satisfied with the service. did not have any issue with punctuality.  
  • "1st class"    
    I enjoyed my 1st class trip from paris to turin, there was alot of leg room and was comfortable. The only thing was that I was suprised there was no food served for 1st class and no wifi. There didnt really seem to be a difference between 1st and 2nd class.  
  • "Not Pleasant"    
    Conductor was not helpful. Answers were abrupt, and not disingenuous  
  • "Best value money van buy"    
    Thank you for a truly memorable experience! You showed exactly why train is the best mode of transport to sight see and travel through Europe. World class indeed! Anthony Naidoo, Johannesburg South Africa  
  • "Fast, Cheap "    
    Really enjoyed riding the train to my final destination. Thanks!  
  • "TGV Turin to Paris"    
    It was a nice trip but was unable to connect with the WiFi on the train even though I was charged for it. Very convenient.  
  • "Good option for travel"    
    My recent trip was punctual and comfortable, and it was great to be able to take a cab from my lodging to Gare de Lyons and again from Torino Porta Susa to my home, with maximum convenience and at reasonable cost. I enjoyed just watching the countryside and reading my book — beats airport hassles.  
  • "Torino to Venice"    
    Our trip from Torino to Venice in late summer was very enjoyable. Online booking was fast and easy, and the ability to print our own ticket at home before departing for Europe put us at ease that we had all of our travel documents with us. The trains were punctual, very comfortable, and at 150 km/hr got us to our destination much faster than driving. We will definitely travel this way again.  
  • "Great service"    
    Great service, people speak two languages (french and english), even i have to travel a day before because strike, they assignee a seat anther they saw there were free.  
  • "Paris - Turin"    
    A great journey, with great scenery, and a fast way to travel to Northern Italy. We travelled from London to Paris via Eurostar and then on to Turin, all of which was easily do-able in one day. A very pleasant start to a holiday! (Tip: allow plenty of time to cross Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon)  
  • "Turin-Paris train"    
    The train was on time, the service was excellent, and it was indeed a comfortable experience.  
  • "Paris to turin rail trip "    
    Good high speed rail with comfortable seats Air conditioning was good An easy journey.  
  • "Seasoned Travellers"    
    We have decided to use the rail service for all of our travel through Europe this trip. A couple of points that we would suggest is that the food on offer have more varieties and also suggest your staff check the 1st Class toilet facilities on a more regular basis.  
  • "I wouldn’t have it again"    
    There was no internet in the train, even that I'm in the first class. In comparing the price to service, it doesn't worth it. We've delayed for about 3 hrs because of an accident, which make us not catch the connection train to Vince. Which make me arrive too late, after midnight, which make me exhausted, tired for next day  
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