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Ambazac, a paradise for nature amateurs

Ambazac is a little town located in the middle of France, near the city of Limoges in the region called Limousin. With around 8.500 inhabitants, it is a lovely place to stay, offering beautiful landscapes, perfect to have a walk.

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Nature lovers will adore Ambazac and its mounts. In a setting of greenery, you will have a great choice of nice treks. Ruins of stonen low walls, scattered tiny sheperds’ cottages, springs and fountains, you will feast your eyes with those landscapes.

It is the perfect place to find tranquillity and serenity, to have a breath of fresh air and to commune with nature. In Ambazac, you can visit the museum of mineralogy and petrology, as the region exploited uranium. Here and there, go to discover the little churches like the one of Saint Antoine.

If you are interested in archeology, find the neolithic "Dolmen du bois de la lieue".

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    Great first experience | Efendy e. | 2013/05/28
    "My partner and I enjoyed both trip from and to Paris. The seats were comfortable, it was 1st class anyway. The only trouble was that we had to carry our heavy luggage (after doing quite some shopping in Paris) to the 2nd floor (where our seats are located). We assumed it wasn't wise to leave it on the 1st floor considering the increasing rate of crime in Europe at this time. Over all the experience was great. Nice view and we enjoyed the scenery on the way to Paris. It rained almost the whole trip to Nice so the return trip made up to it. In my opinion, the choice at the bar should have more variety. And I couldn't ask for hot water even though I'm more than willing to pay. Instead I was offered to buy a bottle of mineral water, pour it into my instant noodle cup and the attendant heat it up in the microwave, which is not exactly hot enough. "