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Bayonne, ferias and gastronomy, sun and ocean!

Bayonne is a city located in the southwest of France, in the Aquitaine region. It is close to the spanish border and the Atlantic Ocean. This city is the economic capital of the french Basque country.

About France

Bayonne is a fortified city with many narrow streets and typical houses.

The Saint Mary’s cathedral is a gothic style building that is listed to the UNESCO world heritage. The cloister next to the cathedral also deserves the detour. Bayonne also proposes many museums such as the chocolate workshop or the Bonnat museum. If you want to know more about the region’s history, chose the Basque museum with its very rich ethnographic collections.

Bayonne is also famous for its ferias, which are the 5th biggest meeting in the world! This event lasts 5 days and celebrates bullfightings. The Basque coast also offers wonderful beaches for your summer holidays!

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Train from bayonne to st.jean pied de port Hello, I'll have to travel from Bayonne to St.Jean Pied de Port on Sunday 4th of September and I have noticed that 6:06pm train departing from Bayonne on that date will not run. There are only one around 2:30pm and another one at 9pm (unlike (...)

Giuliano B. | 2016/08/16 answered | 0 Comments
Suggestions?? We will be traveling from Paris - Bordeaux (18th April) Bordeaux - Bayonne (21st April) Bayonne - Brive-La-Gaillarde (23rd April) Brive-La-Gaillarde - Paris (26th April) What would you suggest? Also, I am 25 and I am travelling with another (...)

Spencer C. | 2016/02/08 answered | 2 Comments
Vacation advice? lots of cities, little time. How would I go about hitting Lisbon, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Bordeaux, Athens, Edinburgh and Cardiff (Athens & Cardiff optional) with about a month as my time frame?

A K. | 2015/05/31 answered | 0 Comments
Ticket from san sebastian to bordeaux hi would like to get tickets from san sebastian to bordeaux on the 15th of july for 1 adult & 1 child (10 years old)

Amy M. | 2015/05/23 answered | 0 Comments
Bordeaux to bilbao Hi. I have problems to book a trip from Bordeaux to Bilbao on July 8th 2015. I can find a train from Bordeaux to Hendaye early in the morning, but keep getting error message when I try to book from Irun to Bilbao, it says that the trip can not (...)

Sarita J. | 2015/04/20 answered | 2 Comments

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    Better than flying but more $  | Nicolas d. | 2015/10/27
    "Love the convenience of departing from the middle of a major city. And normally don't mind paying more than flying for this reason, given this last trip I was charged extra for having a surfboard (something airline I returned with didn't do). Anyway with extra fees it end up costing more than double the price of a cheap flight which I'll probably do in future. "

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    My trip | Margaret Anne h. | 2015/09/29
    "Thank you Eurorail for an efficient friendly service. You know how to transport people well. I enjoyed my trip very much. Just love the way all the trains operate out of Montparnasse. Thank you. "

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    nice | Jari t. | 2015/09/13
    "nice trip with high speed. It's good not to have so many stations in between. "

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    Journey to lourdes | Ma Cely l. | 2015/06/15
    "The trip itself was comfortable. The staff member ( lady) who helped us at the Montparnasse ticket station attended to our needs with utmost detail and patience when we needed to change a schedule on the return trip and booking for a car rental. The trip was delYed but they totally made up for the delay and made sure we were able to catch the connecting train to Lourdes on time. The only problem was there were no signages on the tracks to guide the passengers. A lot of confusion took place transferring from 1 coach to the other bearing the same coach and seat no. Conductors helped but some were confused too. "

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    My first time experience | Richard l. | 2015/01/25
    "I got so much excited during the trip. It was comfortable and relaxing. There were enough space for luggages so i was not a problem. Im sure to ride again when I go back. Thank you. "

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    great way to travel | Teresa c. | 2014/12/23
    "the train is very clean and comfortable. return trip from Lourdes to Paris, the schedule I had was to transit in Bayonn. but the train was delay, i spoke to the counter clerk and seeking for help, she immediately changed my train to an slightly earlier schedule and wrote everything clearly on the ticket (she knew I couldn't speak French) everything went on smoothly, we reached Paris in a breeze. "

  • Value for money
    All good! | Christos m. | 2014/11/10
    "Everything went as expected, very nice trip. "

  • Value for money
    Very satisfied | Nils p. | 2014/07/15
    "The only thing we missed was seats facing the direction the train had "

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    Paris to Bayonnne | Karen r. | 2014/06/15
    "For non-frequent users of the trains it is slightly confusing finding the correct coach number and seat number. It would be great if there could be an indication of the coach number from afar as sometimes they don't seem to be in chronological order. Otherwise the service is very efficient and an excellent option for traveling between cities. "

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    Straight from CDG Airport! | Vijay Mohan c. | 2014/05/06
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