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Chalon-sur-Saone, let yourself be tempted by Burgundy

Chalon sur Saone was built along the Saone river during Antiquity. It is a French city of about 45 500 inhabitants in the centre-east of the country, in Burgundy. Chalon sur Saone is listed as French Town of Art and History.

About France

Once you reach Chalon-sur-Saone by train, you can discover the charming old historic district of the city with its half-timbering houses, towers, turrets and lovely little streets.

Chalon sur Saone is also equipped with fortifications from the 16th century and a sumptuous Italian Theatre. The Saint Vincent cathedral built from the 11th century is worth the detour because of its neo-gothic facade and its splendid cloister. On the City Hall Square, you will admire the Saint Pierre church in baroque style. If you’re a shutterbug, you should reach the Nicéphore-Niépce Museum, offering an interesting collection of contemporary pictures.

The Vivant-Denon Museum houses a large collection commemorating the archaeology, the decorative art, the History and the Fine Arts.

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