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The Mont Saint Michel, a must-see in France

44 inhabitants, 3 millions visitors… Welcome to the Mont St Michel! In the northwest of France, set on 1 km², come to discover this gem of the french Heritage. Unesco listed, this is the 2nd most visited touristic site of the country.

About France

Standing or kneeling, you will have some steps to climb there, the Mont St Michel has to be earned. Coming from a dream, the one of Aubert, bishop of the next door Avranche city, the mount St Michel includes nowadays religious building and much more.

Visit the 11th century abbey and the 15th and 16th century parrish church. Wow in the refectory, shiver in the scriptorium, and learn more about the Mount heading the archeoscope.

Stroll along the winding cobbled streets, lose yourself in the maze of the tiny pathes and enjoy all the shops, bars and restaurants, detecting the sound of the Mère Poulard’s Whisk... clap clap...

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