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Orleans, learn Joan of Arc history along the Loire river

When in central France, it is hard not to be stunned by the beauty and class of Orléans across the river Loire.This city is deeply linked to the river. Indeed, Orléans used to be very rich during the Middle Ages, thanks to its bridges.

About France

No wonder that when defending Paris against the English troops, during the Hundred Years’ War, the famous Joan of Arc had to fight in Orléans.

Some other historical celebrities like John Calvin and later Molière also used to learn at the university of Orléans. Do not miss the visit of the Sainte-Croix cathedral, as well as the nice amount of museums. Among them, you will find the Joan of Arc museum of course. But Orléans is also pleasant for its many parks as well as its fine gastronomy.

Please yourself with fine wine, mustard and cotignac ( a subtle quinces jelly known since the Middle Ages).

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