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At the heart of Europe and between the Netherlands, Germany and France, Belgium is a concentrate of the old continent. Influenced by both Latin and Germanic cultures, Belgium is a haven with a rich history and unique lifestyle.

Centered around Brussels, the capital of Europe, where its cultures are brought together, Belgium is a small welcoming country which is open to various experiences: a beautiful green and wooded countryside, charming villages with brick-walled houses, lively cities and a famous cuisine served around a warm and merry table.

2012 and 2013 being the "Years of Taste", you will certainly have a feast in either small or star restaurants of Brussels and Wallonia (southern region of Belgium). More than the Belgium fries, waffles, chocolate and 600 types of beers, other delightful dishes await you!


Start the first day in Brussels and visit its historic district with its numerous cafes, restaurants and museums. Discover the Royal Palace, the Grand Place, which Victor Hugo has qualified as being the most beautiful square of the world and don’t miss the nearby Manneken Pis, the famous tiny statuette of a urinating boy which has become the emblem of the rebellious spirit of Brussels.

Across from the Grand Place, walk through the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, one of the largest covered galleries in Europe, to reach the Belgian Comics Strip Centre, temple of the ninth art! Shopping lovers will have a broad variety of choice in Brussels. Indeed, the Rue Neuve and its brands, the Sablon and its antiques, the Place du Jeu de Balle and its flea market as well as the Avenue de la Toison d’Or and its luxury goods, are prescribed! |

Brussels > Tournai > Mons

Take the train from Brussels to Tournai, famous for its lively Grand Place and its Notre-Dame Cathedral (1h trip). The edifice’s gigantic proportions and the five massive towers make it an architectural masterpiece which is listed as a UNESCO World heritage site. From there take the train to Mons, a historic town where the folklore is very much alive (25 min trip). You’re in the cultural capital of Wallonia! Don’t miss its Museum of Fine Arts and its Belfry, also a UNESCO World heritage site.

Mons > Namur > Liège

On the 3rd day reach Namur to discover its citadel and its charming streets (1h05 trip). This historic and student town is best visited by foot. Don’t leave the town without trying the Petit Gris (snails), which is the emblem of the city. Later during the day, hop on a train to Liège (40 min trip), which is a former principality with an impressive religious heritage and fascinating museums. Liège has the liveliest nightlife of the region.

Liège > Spa

On the last day you won’t have a lack of choice! If you want to relax and breathe some fresh air, go to Spa, the mother of all spa towns in world, surrounded by beautiful forests (53 min trip from Liège). If you are passionate about history, then head to the site of the Battle of Waterloo, which saw the fall of Napoleon (1h40 trip).

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