Rail Pass benefits in Greece

Attractions & Tours
Athens Railway Museum
Offer: Discover the history of train travel in Greece by visiting the Athens Railway Museum. Pass holders gain free admission.
Info: Athens Railway Museum is open from Tuesday to Friday 09:00 - 13:00, and is located at 4, Siokou Street, Athens.

Attica Group Greek Islands (Blue Star Ferries)
Offer: See more of the Greek Islands and enjoy 30% discount on economy class of the following domestic routes operated by Blue Star Ferries:

Grimaldi Lines
Offer: Enjoy a 20% discount on full or special fares for ship passage, and 10% on accommodation supplements for Pullman seats, berth or cabins on Grimaldi Lines ferries taking you between Italy and Spain. Discount applies on the following route:

Minoan Lines Domestic
Offer: See more of Greece with a 30% discount on the following routes run by Minoan Lines Domestic ferries:

Grimaldi Minoan Lines International
Offer: Sailing between Greece and Italy, Minoan Lines International offers 1st class Global Pass holders free air-type seats on crossings, and free deck passage to 2nd class Pass holders only if the pass is valid in both Italy and Greece. Pass holders can receive a 30% discount only if the pass is only valid in either Italy or Greece. The journey takes the following route:

Novus City Hotel
Offer: Enjoy a 20% discount on your stay at Novus City Hotel in Athens. Novus City Hotel is a 4-star hotel superbly located in the cultural heart of Athens.
Info: Find out more at http://www.novushotel.gr/
Please Note: Pass holders should notify his / her interest of using this offer by sending an e-mail to manager@novushotel.gr. Please show the pass when check in.